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Meet Mrs Adeyemi Serifat

Good day people….in this picture is Mrs Adeyemi Serifat, a widow with special needs….when she was just 24, she was forced to marry an older man because of her intellectual disability and few years down the line her aged husband died leaving her with three children to raise.

Because of her condition, two of her children were taken away from her thinking she wouldn’t be able to care for them, Two years after that, news reached her that one of the children died of food poisoning (which according to her last child, he was poisoned by being forced to eat rotten edibles) which made her request for the other child but instead of a favorable response from her children’s guardians, she received numerous death threats and the only child with her was threatened to be taken away from her.

This made her leave her husband’s house and come to her father’s house in Lagos with the second child still in hostage. Ever since she got to Lagos she’s been doing nothing, no source of income, constant longing for her second child and to top it all her father gave up the ghost on this matter.

She’s beyond devastated…..Tosin Quota International Foundation plans to empower her and numerous others like her this December by God’s grace and we PLEAD with good samaritans in Nigeria to support us by reaching out. SANTA FOR WIDOWS 2019 is for widows like her all over Lagos State…..

Kindly Donate, Volunteer and Advocate……we are still open to donations, we only have 45 DAYS left. HELP US HELP THEM and let’s make this DECEMBER a month they will forever REMEMBER!…………..UNITED WE HELP!.

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